Dotfiles for my tiling window manager + terminal workflow.
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Kevin Mok e851514a31
Rarity sniper/300/301 aliases
2 months ago
exclude-dirs-backup-full.txt Visually reset Markdown checkboxes, kube config 1 year ago
exclude-dirs-backup.txt.tmpl Red Hat config, Kogito completions 2 years ago
gtk-themes.txt Moved dotfiles into Stow structure 3 years ago
nzxt-all.txt Initial Red Hat config 2 years ago
nzxt-aur.txt Initial Red Hat config 2 years ago
nzxt-pkgs.txt Initial Red Hat config 2 years ago
termux-pkgs.txt Termux templating/packages 3 years ago
tex-build-files.txt Wrote script to clean up LaTeX build files 4 years ago tmux: customize status bar, GUI bindings (Alt) 3 years ago Wrote dmenu bg-chooser script 4 years ago
x1-carbon-aur.txt Update (laptop) 3 years ago
x1-carbon-pkgs.txt Update (laptop) 3 years ago