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  Kevin Mok 9377c81063
Update team roles/pics, add clan pic 9 months ago
  Kevin Mok 9a612748a1
Req's for 2nd clan, update team responsibilities 11 months ago
  Kevin Mok 385035c059
Update stats 11 months ago
  Kevin Mok 73c19c6b03
Add arrows/dots to testimonial slider 11 months ago
  Kevin Mok 61d77fc738
Add jpg's as webp fallback for Safari 11 months ago
  Kevin Mok ee90340600
Full-res clan logo, fix team 11 months ago
  Kevin Mok d0573ead62
Update roles, stats and requirements 11 months ago
  Kevin Mok 030db1c57e
MEE6 social icon 1 year ago
  Kevin Mok 49b91f1b6e
Add clan logo (favicon), fix long Ataraxy title 1 year ago
  Kevin Mok 9abfcf4b56
Open Graph metadata, Discord icon 1 year ago
  Kevin Mok ef25f0fa60
Images: convert to webp, cleanup 1 year ago
  Kevin Mok 7a0f1fd66b
Customize sections 1 year ago
  Kevin Mok 0d0e5e992c
Initial commit: Meghna Hugo example site 1 year ago