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<!--- CSC369 {{{ -->
{{% resume/project name="Custom Kernel Module"
url="" date="Jan. 2022" show="true" %}}
- Wrote and installed a [custom Linux kernel module]( in **C**.
- Intercepted pre-existing system calls using
custom kernel module by sending commands to
- Monitored specific process ID's in my system
call to intercept their system calls.
{{% /resume/project %}}
<!--- CSC369 }}} -->
<!--- Spotify Graphs {{{ -->
{{% resume/project name="Spotify Graphs"
url="" date="June 2018 — July 2018"
show="true" %}}
- Implemented base functionality of scanning tracks and listening
history from user's library using Spotify API and organized data
into **PostgreSQL** database with **Django** backend.
- Created and tested various relational database schemas to maximize
efficiency for use cases.
- Produced bubble chart and (stacked) bar chart using [**d3**]
[d3 graph examples] to visualize the artists, genres and features of
tracks in library.
[d3 graph examples]:
{{% /resume/project %}}
<!--- Spotify Graphs }}} -->
<!--- Grocery Finder {{{ -->
{{% resume/project name="Grocery Finder"
url="" date="Feb. 2019 — Apr. 2019"
show="true" %}}
- Proof of concept for web app that finds the ideal supermarket based on your cart.
- Designed responsive front-end layout using **Bootstrap**.
- Implemented REST API functionality on backend using **Node.js** and
- Setup deployment on [**Heroku**][Grocery Finder Heroku].
- Led team of 4 as project leader to prioritize and delegate tasks while
also implementing a majority of the core features.
- Performed code review for team members' pull requests.
[Grocery Finder Heroku]:
{{% /resume/project %}}
<!--- Grocery Finder }}} -->
<!--- DigitalOcean {{{ -->
{{% resume/project name="Personal Server"
url="" date="Aug. 2019 — present" %}}
- Deployed various web apps with backends such as Node, PHP and Python using
**NGINX** on a **Debian** server.
- Monitor system resources and perform system maintenance using tmux.
- Wrote [**Node.js** script][server script] and [**systemd** service][systemd service]/[timer]
to check and display the uptime of my pages every hour.
[server script]:
[systemd service]:
{{% /resume/project %}}
<!--- DigitalOcean Droplet }}} -->
<!--- ParsaFood {{{ -->
{{% resume/project name="ParsaFood"
url="" date="Feb. 2018"
show="true" %}}
- **Android** app that reads ingredient labels and detects any dietary
- Designed user interface and linked various functionality together.
- Made during a 24-hour [food-themed hackathon][Platterz Hackathon event]
in a group with two other members. Came in 2<sup>nd</sup> place and won
an [Oculus Rift][Oculus Rift Amazon].
[Parsafood repo]:
[Platterz Hackathon event]:
[Oculus Rift Amazon]:
{{% /resume/project %}}
<!--- ParsaFood }}} -->