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title date draft
Outage Night 2019-02-11T07:50:51-05:00 true
  • procrastinating on assignment
    • want to play Pokemon randomizer
    • upgrade compiler packages
    • randomizer doesn't work
    • boot to Windows
  • Arch broke
    • backup HD not working
    • laptop wifi stopped working
    • copy to USB
    • extract and works
    • pacman upgrade
    • conflicting files
    • finally work
  • power outage
    • go to bed
    • lamp turns back on
  • PC doesn't start
    • try unplugging/battery 3-4 times
    • about to go to bed
    • try unplugging one last time
    • turns back on
  • kernel issues
    • accidentally overwrite backup on USB
    • don't want to wait for copy on laptop