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# Copyright 2016 The Kubernetes Authors.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# fish completion for minikube -*- shell-script -*-
function __minikube_debug
if test -n "$file"
echo "$argv" >> $file
function __minikube_perform_completion
__minikube_debug "Starting __minikube_perform_completion with: $argv"
set args (string split -- " " "$argv")
set lastArg "$args[-1]"
__minikube_debug "args: $args"
__minikube_debug "last arg: $lastArg"
set emptyArg ""
if test -z "$lastArg"
__minikube_debug "Setting emptyArg"
set emptyArg \"\"
__minikube_debug "emptyArg: $emptyArg"
if not type -q "$args[1]"
# This can happen when "complete --do-complete minikube" is called when running this script.
__minikube_debug "Cannot find $args[1]. No completions."
set requestComp "$args[1] __complete $args[2..-1] $emptyArg"
__minikube_debug "Calling $requestComp"
set results (eval $requestComp 2> /dev/null)
set comps $results[1..-2]
set directiveLine $results[-1]
# For Fish, when completing a flag with an = (e.g., <program> -n=<TAB>)
# completions must be prefixed with the flag
set flagPrefix (string match -r -- '-.*=' "$lastArg")
__minikube_debug "Comps: $comps"
__minikube_debug "DirectiveLine: $directiveLine"
__minikube_debug "flagPrefix: $flagPrefix"
for comp in $comps
printf "%s%s\n" "$flagPrefix" "$comp"
printf "%s\n" "$directiveLine"
# This function does three things:
# 1- Obtain the completions and store them in the global __minikube_comp_results
# 2- Set the __minikube_comp_do_file_comp flag if file completion should be performed
# and unset it otherwise
# 3- Return true if the completion results are not empty
function __minikube_prepare_completions
# Start fresh
set --erase __minikube_comp_do_file_comp
set --erase __minikube_comp_results
# Check if the command-line is already provided. This is useful for testing.
if not set --query __minikube_comp_commandLine
# Use the -c flag to allow for completion in the middle of the line
set __minikube_comp_commandLine (commandline -c)
__minikube_debug "commandLine is: $__minikube_comp_commandLine"
set results (__minikube_perform_completion "$__minikube_comp_commandLine")
set --erase __minikube_comp_commandLine
__minikube_debug "Completion results: $results"
if test -z "$results"
__minikube_debug "No completion, probably due to a failure"
# Might as well do file completion, in case it helps
set --global __minikube_comp_do_file_comp 1
return 1
set directive (string sub --start 2 $results[-1])
set --global __minikube_comp_results $results[1..-2]
__minikube_debug "Completions are: $__minikube_comp_results"
__minikube_debug "Directive is: $directive"
set shellCompDirectiveError 1
set shellCompDirectiveNoSpace 2
set shellCompDirectiveNoFileComp 4
set shellCompDirectiveFilterFileExt 8
set shellCompDirectiveFilterDirs 16
if test -z "$directive"
set directive 0
set compErr (math (math --scale 0 $directive / $shellCompDirectiveError) % 2)
if test $compErr -eq 1
__minikube_debug "Received error directive: aborting."
# Might as well do file completion, in case it helps
set --global __minikube_comp_do_file_comp 1
return 1
set filefilter (math (math --scale 0 $directive / $shellCompDirectiveFilterFileExt) % 2)
set dirfilter (math (math --scale 0 $directive / $shellCompDirectiveFilterDirs) % 2)
if test $filefilter -eq 1; or test $dirfilter -eq 1
__minikube_debug "File extension filtering or directory filtering not supported"
# Do full file completion instead
set --global __minikube_comp_do_file_comp 1
return 1
set nospace (math (math --scale 0 $directive / $shellCompDirectiveNoSpace) % 2)
set nofiles (math (math --scale 0 $directive / $shellCompDirectiveNoFileComp) % 2)
__minikube_debug "nospace: $nospace, nofiles: $nofiles"
# Important not to quote the variable for count to work
set numComps (count $__minikube_comp_results)
__minikube_debug "numComps: $numComps"
if test $numComps -eq 1; and test $nospace -ne 0
# To support the "nospace" directive we trick the shell
# by outputting an extra, longer completion.
__minikube_debug "Adding second completion to perform nospace directive"
set --append __minikube_comp_results $__minikube_comp_results[1].
if test $numComps -eq 0; and test $nofiles -eq 0
__minikube_debug "Requesting file completion"
set --global __minikube_comp_do_file_comp 1
# If we don't want file completion, we must return true even if there
# are no completions found. This is because fish will perform the last
# completion command, even if its condition is false, if no other
# completion command was triggered
return (not set --query __minikube_comp_do_file_comp)
# Since Fish completions are only loaded once the user triggers them, we trigger them ourselves
# so we can properly delete any completions provided by another script.
# The space after the the program name is essential to trigger completion for the program
# and not completion of the program name itself.
complete --do-complete "minikube " > /dev/null 2>&1
# Using '> /dev/null 2>&1' since '&>' is not supported in older versions of fish.
# Remove any pre-existing completions for the program since we will be handling all of them.
complete -c minikube -e
# The order in which the below two lines are defined is very important so that __minikube_prepare_completions
# is called first. It is __minikube_prepare_completions that sets up the __minikube_comp_do_file_comp variable.
# This completion will be run second as complete commands are added FILO.
# It triggers file completion choices when __minikube_comp_do_file_comp is set.
complete -c minikube -n 'set --query __minikube_comp_do_file_comp'
# This completion will be run first as complete commands are added FILO.
# The call to __minikube_prepare_completions will setup both __minikube_comp_results and __minikube_comp_do_file_comp.
# It provides the program's completion choices.
complete -c minikube -n '__minikube_prepare_completions' -f -a '$__minikube_comp_results'